The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinions do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


The Factory Stock Class is an entry level class or a beginner’s class. The rules were written with that in mind. We are trying to help you control the expense and cost that is involved in building and racing a race car at Batesville Motor Speedway. If you feel that you need a faster car, please move up to the next class. This class is for beginners only. As always, your Safety is our first concern. Please read these rules carefully and abide by them with not only your safety in mind but that of your fellow racers. Safety Regulations Racing Seat: Racing Seat is Required. Driver/racing seat must be in stock location.

Seat Belts: All cars must be equipped with racing safety-approved seat belts that are bolted to the frame with Grade 8 bolts. Shoulder harness is mandatory. No standard auto safety belts will be allowed.

Roll Cages: are required. No screw joint fittings allowed. The minimum requirement for all roll cages on all cars shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 1/2" OD pipe with bars running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and just the opposite on the other side, forming a "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top of "A" and 4 bars down the side and 4 bars around the top to complete a caged affair around the driver. All roll bar pipes must be at least .095 in thickness. Must have 3 kidney bars on the driver side and 2 bars on the passenger side. Car must have 4 Bars on Driver’s side. The driver and passenger doors inner liner only may be altered as necessary to install bars in the door area. No further gutting allowed. Gussets required. Bars may be added to protect radiator and gas tank areas. 3 1/4 inch bars in front of the drivers window are mandatory. 1/8" doorplate is mandatory.

Fuel Cell: Gas tanks must be in stock position. Fuel cells mandatory. 32 gallon maximum. Gas tanks/cells must be securely installed with 2 inch wide by 1/8 inch steel straps. Pump, racing or aviation gas only. NO nitrous oxide allowed.


1. ) Any year model American made car. Wheelbase must be factory stock 101" minimum. Camaro 108 & Mustang 101. No tolerance. No four cylinder cars. No Fuel Injection. Rack and pinion cars must be factory stock parts only. If chassis is altered or steering parts (tie rods etc.) are not stock and in stock location - then it is not legal !!!

2.) Bumpers MUST be chained or secured to frame in a manner to keep them from dropping onto or dragging along track. Grill may be removed and replaced with expanded metal.

3.) MINIMUM WEIGHT: 3300 lbs. with driver. Body and Frame MUST maintain 51/2" ground clearance.

4.) All doors MUST be welded, chained or bolted closed. Exterior chrome must be removed.

5.) All glass (including headlights, taillights, etc.) MUST be removed. Window Net is REQUIRED on DRIVER’S DOOR WINDOW.

6.) Gauges may be removed. All flammable interior (carpet, headliner, interior side pane, rear seats, etc.) MUST be removed. Racing seat only! Wiring harness may be removed and replaced.

7.) Hood and trunk may be chained or pinned down. Windshield wipers may be removed.

8.) Air conditioner, power steering, alternator and heater may be removed. Holes in fire wall MUST be covered with metal (no aluminum). Battery is to be securely fastened.

9.) No Quick steer. Quick release steering wheel is optional. Steering column in stock location.
10.) Front fender wells may be unbolted and removed.

11.) No Engine set back must be mounted in stock location.
12.) Uni-Bodies must be tied together.

13.) Bodies must appear entirely stock but panels may be fabricated from

sheet metal where necessary. Motor GM TO GM FORD TO FORD CHRYSLER TO CHRYSLER

1.) Engine: Chevy-362CI Max-3.480 stroke x .060--Ford-362CI Max-3.500 stroke x .060–
Dodge-370CI Max - 3.578 stroke x 060--Flat top or dish pistons only--No aftermarket blocks

2.) Compression: Engine must not have over 160 psi of compression, when cranked over a minimum of 5 times, at normal speed, hot, with throttle closed.

3.) Vacuum: Engines must not pull less than 18" of vacuum at 1000 RPM with no bleed down lifters.

4.) Crankshaft & Rods: Stock OEM Crank & Rods. ARP Bolts OK. OE approved casting #'s ( )

5.) Cam rule: No Solid camshafts, no roller camshaft, no roller lifters, no bleed down lifters, or roller rockers.

6.) Carburetor-Holley #4412 500 CFM 2 Barrel & must pass Inspection from top side with track gauge. Bottom of carb must be no larger than 1 11/16”. Ventura must be stock 1 3/8” Gasoline only no alcohol. No additives- 1” carb spacer max.

7). Fuel Pump: No electric fuel pumps.

8.) Heads: All make and model cylinder heads must be unaltered OEM with a valves no larger than 194 intake 160 exhaust (Screw in studs and guide plates ok). GM, minimum 76 cc combustion chamber, approved head numbers are: 14079267, 3986336, 3986339, 3986339X, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454, 3876487, 3973487, 3973487X, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993, 3998997, 3970126;

9.) Ford - minimum 69cc combustion chamber heads. No after market or SVO heads;

10.) Chrysler - no after market or W-2 heads, 360 cubic inch heads only. 318 heads ok on 318 engines. No porting, polishing or alterations of any kind to heads or intake. No porting, polishing, blending or gasket matching. Valve seats can be blended with cutters.

11.) Intakes: Must use unaltered OEM cast iron two barrel intake. No hi-rise or marine intake manifolds. No OEM performance intakes, must be stock. No gasket matching of Intake ports. No porting, No polishing, No acid dipping, or anything similar allowed to heads or intake. OEM Cast Iron four barrel intake ok on Olds or Buick engine.

12.) Headers: Headers Allowed.

13.) Distributor: Stock type ignition - Stock appearing Aftermarket coil & module ok.

14.) Transmissions: Standard, must use factor stock OEM looking clutch disc and pressure plates on stock steel OEM flywheels only, must have steel scatter proof bell housing NO EXCEPTIONS. No mini clutches. Stock type factory working torque converters required on all automatics. (No TCI) Driver must be able to put car in gear from park/neutral and move forward and reverse at time of inspection. Must have drive shaft loop. Drive Shafts must be painted white. Clutch will be checked by looking at them, converters will be checked by temperature. MUST HAVE 180 DEGREE EXPLOSION PROOF STEEL BELLHOUSING IF IT IS A STANDARD

15.) Oil Pan: Your oil pans must have a 1” pluggable inspection hole. Or you must be willing to pull the oil pan if requested by the TECH official.

Motor Claim
Motor claims will be $350.00 cash and swap. $50.00 goes to wrecker for pulling engines.
LONG BLOCK ONLY, Only the top 4 finishing cars may be claimed. Only the driver may make the claim.
To make a claim, you must have finished on the lead lap, drive your car to the tech area and hand the cash to the Tech Official within 5 minutes from the end of the race. If you refuse to swap, you will loose all money and points for that night. Second refusal, driver will loose all money for that night and be suspended for the remainder of the season. No driver (CAR) may claim more than ONE motor during the racing year.

Claim does not include the following:
1. Flywheel
2. Pressure plate
3. Headers
4. Starter
5. Sending units & switches for oil pressure & water temperature
6. Clutch ball
7. Throw out bearing
8. Water pump
9. Distributor
10. Clutch
11. Bell housing
12. Carburetor
13. Motor mounts
14. Carburetor adapter
15. Fan & pulleys
16. Clutch arms
17. Dip Stick
18. Fuel Pump
19. Plug Wires

Tires - Wheels - Suspension:

Tires: IMCA, Street or any asphalt takeoffs on the front and rear. NO tires softer than a 55 compound allowed. NO recaps. 275/60/15 largest street tire allowed. All tires must pass tech inspection.

Wheels: Steel racing wheels only. Maximum width is 10". Right rear bead-lock recommended, 5/8" stud with 1" lug nuts mandatory.
Springs: Racing springs allowed on front or rear. (No Monoleaf) No Adjustable/Cheater weight jacks on front/back.
Brakes: After-market brake pedals and master cylinders are OK.

Rearend: A 9 inch Ford housing highly recommended. Mounted in stock location, with stock parts. No GRAND NATIONALS OR FLOATERS. Rear suspensions must mount up in factory stock location. All control arms must mount up in stock positions. All cars must remain on stock suspension for the car that it is under. NO gold tracks or any form of traction devices allowed.
Shocks: NO racing shocks or heim mounted shocks allowed, Shocks must mount in stock location. Only one (1) shock per wheel. No spring assisted shocks unless it is Factory delivered for that vehicle.

All Suspension must remain STOCK and in STOCK LOCATION.
NO relocation of mounting points. No use of chains or other items to limit suspension travel.
NO Weight Jacks or spring sliders allowed. Rear Springs must use stock upper spring pads in stock location.